Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend With A Four Year Old Niece...Chocolate Milk On Tap!

What do you do when a four year old niece spends the weekend? eat breakfast in an old desk your mommy use to sit in play with Barbie dolls

....and friends visit horses

.......dress like a princess while making lollipops

....and go dressed like that to Costco (because that's something mommy would never let you do)

What a fun weekend M! 
Miss Angelove sure does love you!


nomo wino daph said...

OHHHH I bet she had the best time ever!! Looks like a fun time spent:)

Happy Sunday Friend-XO

Jaime Costiglio said...

Nonny can I please send my kids over to your place for a weekend! Those are such great memories you're making, she'll never forget.

Jenny said...

What fun girly-girl time! I'm sure she had a BLAST!!!

Henley on the Horn said...

Okay, Miss Angelove, you are so precious!!! What a great aunt you are! I love it!

Justabeachkat said...

I just bet she wants to come see you often! She's a doll. ALL your littles are though! lol


Kylene said...

Beautiful granddaughter. I need to be less high strung and let my girlies wear their princess dresses to the store once in a while. :)

ps. I love the blessed T-shirt. So cute.

Anonymous said...

Nonny, Can I be your niece???? ha ha! What an amazing weekend...completely fit for a princess!

momof3 said...

she had a blast. she cried last night when i tucked her into bed because she missed miss angelove! what special memories!

thanks for making them with her.
love you

GmaCarolyn said...

What a special little girl and what a special aunt who spends time making those "special memories"