Friday, December 11, 2009

The Hands and Feet Of Jesus

A little background info on this post.

A few months ago I ordered cookies from this girl.
She had to ship them a long way and though the cookies tasted GREAT, they were broken. She felt SO bad and was gr
acious enough to send me my $ back. (I did not accept). Fast forward to today. I received two boxes in the mail, FULL of her wonderful cookies.

Just a treat. Quite an unexpected blessing.

The hands and feet of Jesus in the form of cookies.
Not a broken cookie in the bunch. (Her packaging is new and improved).

Isn't God good to us? He gives us unexpected blessings in the most unlikely ways. I pray that I will be open to seeing how I can be His hands and feet.


Rach said...

How wonderful. They are super cute. I checked out her blog, good stuff there!!

Amanda Pilkinton said...

Yummy, wish I was at your house!

carolinagirl said...

these look delicious! jack and i are making brownies right now, thank Goodness...I have a sweet tooth! :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing blog with these beautifully created cookies. What a sweet way for you to share her talent.