Sunday, November 01, 2009

Ice Cube Trays and Creme Rinse

I gUesS
I'm telling my age here. But, is there anyone out there who does NOT know what these ar
Especially the metal ones?!!

A few years ago I showed one of
these to my
ten year old niece.

This was her guess as to what it was:

"Ummm, one of those trays you put beads in at the *make-a-bead necklace* store?"


And, what about THIS:

I asked my daughter years ago if she had ever heard of

"Something you wash dishes with?"

Oh dear, I am showing my age.

How about you?

Do you or your kids know ice trays or creme rinse?

Just say Yes.

It makes me wonder, what will THEIR kids not know???


grammy said...

Hi, I came over to visit from 'The grandparent experience'. I still use icecube trays some times.
Loved you little elephant and the beautiful little two year old. What a great farm party. My youngest Grand Daughter turned 2 in May.

Bacardi Mama said...

I know all about both. My girls know ice cube trays and if you call it conditioner, they know cream rinse too.

Jann2u said...

I have a friend that kept the rotary dial phone just for an extra in the house. His neighbors son came over to use it and asked him "How do you use this". haha!

Cream rinse is conditioner here also.

I enjoy your blog!

Bernie said...

I loved this post.



Tonja said...

Oh, yes...I remember those. Didn't use cream rinse much, but the ice tray...all the time! I hated refilling them. Always spilled them no matter how hard I tried!

Unknown said...

I guess I'm half old, half young. I REALLY remember using those lovely ice trays but don't ever remember conditioner being called, "creme rinse." Learned something today!

Gram said...

My kids would know the plastic ice cube trays but probably not the metal ones and they only know conditioner - not creme rinse.

I'm not sure if our grandchildren will know what a wrist watch is - my kids do not wear one - they look at their cell phone.

Anonymous said...

FEW MORE I can bet they do not know: shoe horn, slip, sanitary belt,typewriter.....oh boy I feel my age today....Mom

Grami's girls said...

I do remember both! My grandchildren and children will never know that we use to dim the car lights with a little clicker in the floor board of the car! And my grandaughters will never know what garter belts were!

smcvicker said...

Funny! and yes I know, that's why we are friends!

Amy Sasser said...

oh my goodness! when this came up in my google reader yesterday i called kevin over. i am just now getting a chance to come over to your blog and comment but just had to. creme rinse is a bit of an inside joke with us. i grew up with it being called this and when we got married he was completely confused. we say it with southern drawl. sadly, anna knows it as conditioner. :)

Terra said...

I know ice cube trays, including the metal type that you show here.
In fact, I would love to find the recipe for a dessert my mom made, called something like "butterscotch delight' which she made in a metal ice cube tray, and put in the freezer.
Anyone know the recipe?

Just a little something from Judy said...

Yes, at our home we know what they are, at least the plastic ones. I use those to put little treats in them for the grandchildren. They know exactly where they are in my cupboard, but they have no idea they were used for ice cubes.

As for the picture frames, we got those at Marshalls last week. We both really liked them.

Henley on the Horn said...

I know BOTH!

Amanda Pilkinton said...

Nonny- Do you know what a "book satchel" is? I do. My grandmother calls my son's backpack that. Oh, and he has a "lunch pail" too. Try explaining both of those to your three year old!