Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life!!

As I type, I am riding in the car from PA to NC. (Thanks to wonderful technology and a Christmas gift from the hubby, I can use my laptop in the car)! We took our daughter and granddaughter home after a wonderful week! Last week was *girl's week* and most of the girls in the family met at my home for fun, food and fellowship. (Missed you Nanny, Amy Beth, Kendal, Anna, Macie and Mary Beth!) Here we are eating lunch:
We did a LOT of car riding....E.C. is a trooper!!!:

My niece, J, and her two precious little ones, M and J, also came for a few days! Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of the three of them together???? The two year old is easy....she has *cheese* down to a science. But the 14 month old and the 16 month old....not so much!
My two daughters in law took some time off work to join us!!! We were so happy they could come!!!

Another niece, J, who is a hairdresser, not only came to visit, but she trimmed the kid's hair!!

My daughter, G, and her first cousin, J, grew up together. Now they are raising children together. The circle of life continues...........
My daughter, G, and my granddaughter, E.C.:
Thank you girls for loving me and sharing your children with me. Thank you too for a wonderful week. It's a Wonderful Life with all of you!


Justabeachkat said...

So cool that you can blog on your laptop in your car. Hmmmm....I must check into that. I've tried doing it from my iPhone, but it's too darn slow.

Cute photos.

Have a safe trip!

Unknown said...

I hope you weren't the one driving while blogging.
Your family is absolutely beautiful!
Thanks for visiting
Lots of love!

grammy said...

Hi, I saw you over at Flip Flops and apple sauce. I always notice other Grandmas comments. Fun to read a little about you and your family. Come over to my place sometime.

Anonymous said...

What a great looking family...I know you had a blast last week.

I have not been in a blogging mood lately but I tend to do it in spurts so I will be back shortly.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow......I want a BIG snow...The only thing I hate about snow is that it takes longer to bundle my kids up and get them out the door than the small amount of time they can last without freezing.

I will be back soon, thanks for checking on me...

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Angela, we are in Birmingham where all this snow is right now! Hope you get some white stuff too.

Anonymous said...

we had so much fun. m always loves visiting miss sanshelove's house. you bring so much joy into my life and my children's life. what a blessing to our family! i love you so much!!!

Amanda Pilkinton said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!