Friday, February 13, 2009


Last night we went to Senior Night at E.S. High School.
It was C.'s last home forever. She played great....the rest of the team, not so much! They Lost...Big Time. She wasn't that upset, because LOOK WHO SHOWED UP AT THE GAME....her boyfriend, C!!! He's away at college, so it was a great surprise!

C was introduced at halftime with her parents and all the other seniors.

C is our daughter-in-law's, brother's, girlfriend. We are so proud of her! What a great girl! Much closer than a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend....................

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Teeter said...

Ya'll are wonderful to make that trip to watch her play! WE do appreciate and love you ... for loving her so much! and i PROMISE you...the feeling is mutual! She is very at home with all of you! So dont be surprized if she just shows up one night when she is away at college and needing a home cooked meal...she considers you all family enough to just pop in!

Colbs... well...he is just amazing and we all love him beyond words!! She was so happy that he surprised her and came.....she didnt even care about the loss...and that says A LOT coming from 2Shaye!

You guys are very, VERY special!