Wednesday, October 08, 2008

October 6, 2007
After five years of dating, our son, B, married K, on October 6, 2007. We were so excited to have K join our family. She is a lifelong student, no wait, that's B...........anyway, she is an elementary school teacher who just completed her Masters. Not only do WE think she is awesome, but her school thinks so too. She was voted Teacher Of The Year her first year of teaching!

Every wedding has it's unique qualities. On THIS wedding day, the wedding party ran a 5K. The bride's dad had tee shirts made for all the runners that said "5K on the Big Day". On the back of each tee shirt was our *title*. Mine, of course, said "Mother of the Groom"!! (The groom was excused from the run so he wouldn't see his bride before the wedding). We all had a great run and it was a wonderful way to start our day!

The wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom were gorgeous!The cake was AMAZING! It was personalized with words that were meaningful to K and B. Their dog's name and their honeymoon location, favorite ACC school and other special names were all over the cake. The roses to match the bouquets were also on the cake. Not only did it look beautiful, it tasted great too!

After a wonderful reception, K and B left in a horse drawn carriage. A wedding dream come true for both of them!!! Happy One Year!!

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Unknown said...

Wow....I love weddings. So romantic, so full of love and full of hope. Congratulations all of you. The pictures are beautiful. I can only imagine how magical it was. Blessings to all.