Friday, October 31, 2008

One More Wedding!!!!
May 2008

This is the last wedding of all the *big* girls. We have two generations of cousins in our family.....thus, the *big* girls and the *little* girls (and boys)!

In the last wedding post, I wrote about my sister Vicki, and her oldest daughter, J's wedding. This wedding is her youngest daughter...another J!!!
This J has had her wedding planned in her head for years!! She pretty much
planned her whole wedding herself and actually made a lot of things herself! The color choice was green and she carried that color theme throughout the wedding! Her tables were quite unique, using fresh green apples and green split peas!!

J's new husband, R, is a runner. I stand in amazement at his abilities....not only in running, but in pleasing J!!! She loves him to pieces...he's a great guy! Because he's a runner, his gift to his groomsmen was running shoes...with green, of course!

Their cake was made by a high school friend...It was beautiful!!!
The girls and the flowers were gorgeous...........
It was one of the prettiest days for a wedding that I ever remember.
God blessed our day and the wedding couple.
J and R, we could not be more proud of you!

Props to Joy (photographer):


smcvicker said...

These are gorgeous pics! I didn't know she did the split peas on the table and I love how it turned out. The cake looked amazing!

The Golf Widow said...

Simply Beautiful! Love the green and the wedding cake was so pretty!

Yes, just getting ready for Halloween made me very tired. Thank goodness Daddy had baby duty so I got to move much faster with the big girls.At 6'3 his back was hurting from all the leaning over to hold her hand.She is now a big girl and refused to be carried.

Justabeachkat said...

Beautiful! So many neat ideas!


Wells' Mommy said...

i couldn't have said it better! and thanks for all you did to help! I love you! Miss you!