Monday, May 18, 2015

Makeovers Before and After

Soooo, I'm sitting in a dark hotel room a couple of hours away from home with hubs and three grand boys asleep. I have two hours or so of quiet!!!! The boys' Aunt Siddy and Uncle Andrew are getting married tomorrow so we are helping out with getting the boys back and forth to all the festivities!

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend, Robin, flew in from Nashville, TN to help me redo a dining table and a dressing table. What a GIFT!!! We worked for three days and got them both done before she had to fly home! What a great friend!!!

Before picture of the table and chairs: (I had started sanding.)


After sanding, we used General Finishes Java Gel Stain on the top of the table. Then we wiped it down with Aniline Powder Stain in a silver grey color. It is a dye-type stain and is an amazing product! We finished the table off with a few coats of Minwax wipe-on Poly. The bottom of the table (and the chairs) is painted with Repurposed Chromo Color, Crisp White Linen (chalk) paint. (No need to sand before painting). This paint is AMAZING! I have used Annie Sloan paint before….and I really like it! BUT, and this is HUGE, the Repurposed Chromo Color paint is a one step paint. You do NOT have to wax after painting. You just wipe it with steel wool and it is as smooth and slick as if you had used wax! This is an AMAZING product! After painting and using steel wool we wiped on Amy Howard's dark wax and then buffed. We distressed the chairs JUST A SMALL AMOUNT. For my Mother's Day gift, Hubs covered the seat cushions with a Buffalo Plaid material in black and cream (from Hobby Lobby). I think the table and chairs turned out GREAT! (There are two table leafs that are not shown in pics)

Next, we did an old dressing table that my mom had when I was a baby.

We did the same thing on the dressing table but the top was only stained….we didn't use the die! 
I was very pleased with the outcome and forever indebted to Robin for all she did those four quick, but hard, days!!

Side by side comparisons:

The pictures aren't the best but they show a little of the before and after!
I am pleased with the results but cannot IMAGINE doing this for a living…or even for a hobby! It is HARD work people!!! :)


Sue said...

Looks so great!

Renee said...

I love it!!! It looks amazing and the dresser looks awesome too.

His Doorkeeper said...

Love the new look! I am trying to get up enough nerve to paint my dinning room table and chairs! Yours looks so great that I might just get started on mine!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Such professional results.