Monday, October 27, 2014

#1 is 7

(Six of our nine grands were born in the fall within 30 days of each other. 
You'll see lots of posts within 30 days ! )

How can you be SEVEN??
We took this picture the day you were born.
The day you made us Nonny and Poppy.
So many things have changed since then.
One thing that hasn't changed:
You captured our hearts that day
and you haven't let go.
We absolutely ADORE you EC!

Seven things you love:

~playing school/teacher
~being outside
~your blue *ni-nights*
~your family
~riding your bike
~school….and your teachers
~EVERYTHING about life!

You might be the happiest, most positive little girl I know.
Happy Seventh Birthday Sweet Girl!

photo by jennyconklin

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