Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Graduation + Grandchildren + Gorgeous

Our oldest granddaughter graduated last night from K5. She had such a great kindergarten experience with fabulous teachers and lots of great friends.! Boy does kindergarten grow those babies up!! I love watching them blossom and try to figure out the world around them. Everything is new and exciting to them and it reminds me to appreciate things more. This granddaughter of ours sure has a servant's heart! One of my favorite things about her is her willingness to do for others. That's a gift that I hope will live on in her heart for a lifetime!  

Congrats to our EC!

Random pics of the grands.

Our DIL is pregnant with grand # nine.
She is due tomorrow.
This morning I took a picture of her 40 week belly.....
And to think, she delivered the twins at 32 weeks.
Who dared to dream she would make it this far?
So thankful for this gorgeous pregnant belly and what it represents!


This American Wife said...

Hooray for littles graduating and for daughters-in-law who are giving birth soon. What a summer it'll be for you!! Best wishes!


Congrats to the little graduate! And your daughter-in-law looks like she is ready to pop! Hope all goes well for her!

debi said...

I always think the same thing when I visit your blog..." How blessed is she!"

Enjoyed the photos!!