Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Baby S!

I am Nonny to almost nine. But you know what, it NEVER gets old. Never. Every baby that is born is as precious as the first. Truly. I am amazed at God's goodness and the amount of love He gives us for each and every one. Life with nine grands is very different than it was with one or three or five…but it's good. Very good. Our newest grand was born four months ago. Baby S. She is growing and doing great! She is a TINY little peanut and only weighs about 12 pounds, but she is precious in every way! Her mom took this picture of her last week:
  • She copies mouth movements…blowing bubbles, etc.
  • She ADORES her big sisters!
  • She is sitting in a Bumbo and an exersaucer now with good control.
  • She has slept all night for several months!
  • Laughs outloud.
  • Enjoys being spoiled by ALL of us!

We sure do love you Baby S!


teresa at Nonnie's Blessings said...

Nonny, she is absolutely beautiful! You are surely blessed!

debi said...

Such a beauty...crazy amount of hair!

Grands are such fun :-)


Amanda said...

Your children sure do make some beautiful babies! What a sweet little bundle of love!

Sue said...

She's a doll! I know you are enjoying every minute.

sl said...

OMG! she is a beauty!And looks so big and alert! Precious!!