Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Three + Four = Happy Birthday!

On Monday, the 25th, this precious grandgirl will finally be 


She has a huge amount of fashion sense

And amazes me with her opinions!

She was our second grandchild 

And we learned how big our hearts were

And how much love we have to share when she was born.

A, we love how you love to have 25 *night nights* to sleep with

And how you love to play *Emily.*

We love that you are confident but sensitive

And that you pray for all your family when you pray.

Happy Birthday Big Girl.

You are adored!

On Tuesday, the 26th, this adorable grandson will be 


He has more energy than you can imagine!

And he has some of the best manners I have ever seen!

He was our third grandchild

And taught us how easy it was to love a grandson!

B, you amaze us with your memory

And your quickness to learn.

We love how you love toy magazines

And how you cry EVERY. TIME. someone leaves to go home.

(Because you don't want them to leave.)

Happy Birthday buddy!

You are truly loved!

Happy Birthday to two of our favorites!

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Lisa Odom said...

November is a big birthday month!! What cuties they are!