Tuesday, October 01, 2013


(No...not the babies!)  :)

I don't love a Giveaway.

Too much trouble.



I love my DIL and I LOVE her new site!!




All you have to do is go to her site HERE.

Go to the *blog* tab at the top of her page.

Leave her a comment and me a comment.

That will enter you in a drawing for ANY item on her new site.

(Excluding photography)

I will draw on October 8!!!

Good luck!!!


debi said...

I loved her site! She has put in a lot of hard work...in her spare time? I don't know how she does it :-)
I need to figure out how to follow her blog? I will go back and see if I can figure that out.


Amanda said...

Oh how exciting! Thanks for sharing your DIL's new site! I'm afraid we live too far away to use her as our family photographer, but that certainly won't stop me from shopping in the Moxie Made Shop! Now it's just a matter of deciding if I want to buy an awesome infinity scarf for myself or that adorable little Thanksgiving outfit for my wee one! :-)

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a cute family...and lovely idea??!

momof3 said...

love her new site and a giveaway ;)

Loren said...

Hi! I have been following your blog and your DIL's blog for some time now! Love her new website! Would love to win! I love the monogrammed clutch! So cute! I will go follow and share on facebook now!

Loren from SC

Anonymous said...

I like her new site. I have been reading both blogs for a couple of years. I love to see the new pictures of the grandkids!


Carol D. said...

Would love to win the giveaway and have Jenny photograph my daughter's engagement photos! You both write from your heart and that's what I love about your blogs!

Anonymous said...

Love the site!! I signed in as anonymous because I didn't want to sign up for a blogger account.. :)

Sherry McVicker

GmaCarolyn said...

So excited for her and the new shop. She is a busy mama.

Vickie said...

I am so excited for Jenny's latest endeavor! Why should she choose between the two? She is doing a great job raising twins, everything else should be a piece of cake. And everyone loves cake!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a momma with her priorities straight, love moxie made!

Liz. M

Todd and Courtney said...

I left her a comment. How cute is her site! You have such a beautiful family.

Unknown said...

Thanks for offering this giveaway through your site. Your DIL's site looks great.


sharon said...

Love her site@

sharon said...

Love her site@

Anonymous said...

I like her site. I love anything monogrammed.

Maureen T

Anonymous said...

The Moxie Made site is beautiful! I love her appliqued and monogrammed items, and especially the little girls' dresses! Beautiful fabrics!

I wish her all the luck in the world!

Samantha Shah

Andie said...

Wow!!!! She sure is amazing!( And talented too.) Love all that she does and still manages to be a wonderful mama. So excited for her. It seems that this has been a dream for quite some time. I wish her the very best. Just love following along with your blog. Your family seems so sweet.