Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I had a great time at the beach this past weekend. It rained most of the weekend but we did a lot of eating and watching movies and just talking. We do this little thing called The Question Game. Mostly it means we ask a question and each person answers it. One of the questions was: *What is your husband afraid of?* I really couldn't think of anything he's afraid of...unlike myself! I have lots of fears! So, I asked him and he couldn't think of anything either. Seriously??? WOW! Anyway, when the sun DID come out, we snuck over to one of our favorite little restaurants on the water and had some crab cakes. Yummy! Thanks Beach Buddies for a fun weekend!

The twins are at the beach for a few days...their first beach trip. I got this picture on my cell phone yesterday. I think they like it!

I am hooked on Oikos Greek Yogurt! (by Dannon) I eat the vanilla with a little granola and some blueberries on top. I eat it most mornings for breakfast and never get tired of it!

We had a bracket at work for the NCAA basketball tournament. I picked Kentucky and won the bracket...beating all the guys at work!!! I'm not a Kentucky fan.....but, my Blue Devils didn't have a great year so I went with Kentucky!

Baby B loves his chair, his snack and his Barney on television.
His mom sent me this pic the other day:

One of my nieces is a junior in high school this year. She is visiting colleges trying to decide where she wants to go. They came here yesterday to visit some schools near us. I would love for her to go to school close by me. She would get some hot meals and her laundry done. 
How about it KiKi????

These sister grandgirls are beginning to love each other more.
 Maybe there IS hope for a friendship. 

The family is coming for Easter this weekend. 
Can't wait!

That's what's up in MY world. What's up in yours?


Anonymous said...

I love that yogurt too! Your grands are so precious...Nanny loves them..KiKi's 2 sisters, little bit and A are at my house while the big sister looks for colleges. My, how fast they grow up..I don't think I like it!!!
Looking forward to Easter Sunday at your house...Mom

nonnie said...

Girl trips are just SO fun! Glad you had a great time.

Those kiddies are so precious!

Have a wonderful Easter! He is RISEN!!


merirobin said...

well friend, since we have been out of touch, I decided I better check in on your blog to see what's happening...looks like good stuff! Full mooon--I have worked 24 hours in the past 48! seriously! and by the time I am off tomorrow afternoon, will have worked 12 of the past 14 days! I have no life! It
is good to look at yours!

Lori said...

All your grand-babies are so precious.
Your beach weekend sounds like a great time with friends, and how funny that I had that yogurt this morning, the exact same way! lol
I hope you are doing well and enjoying Spring!