Sunday, February 12, 2012


A few years ago during A *Women Of Faith Conference*, they realized about 300 more women showed up than they were expecting. The event coordinators scrambled to find folding chairs to put out for these women. A lot of the women were not happy about their seats and complained off and on all day. The keynote speaker that night was Joni Eareckson Tada. If you know about Joni, you know that she was injured years ago in a diving accident. She has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. As she spoke that night at the conference, she said, "I understand some of you don't like the chair in which you are sitting. Neither do I. But I have about a thousand handicapped friends who would gladly trade places with you in an instant."

I Am Reminded To Be Grateful

"Scott is a professional golfer who plays often at the Masters Golf Tournament, hosted by the Augusta National Golf Club. The course explodes in beauty. Groomers manicure the course as if she is a wedding-day bride. In describing the perfection to his caddie, Scott commented, " You won't see a single weed all week."  He was surprised when after walking the course for five days, his caddie pointed out to Scott "I found one!"  Don't we do the same? God's love sprouts all around us, but we go on weed hunts. How many flowers do we miss in the process? If we look long and hard enough, we will find something to complain about. STOP Looking."

I am reminded to BE GRATEFUL.

These, and other wonderful examples of gratitude, are found in Max Lucado's book 
"Great Day Every Day"

  • Grateful for grace.
  • and the gift of family.
  • Hot water.
  • And cold water.
  • Water. (Yeh, I worked at Camp Lurecrest:))
  • Good health
  • Grandchildren
  • A dedicated husband.
  • Three children
  • And their spouses
 What are YOU grateful for today?


Anonymous said...

AMEN if only we were to pay more attention to the blessing God grants us instead of the hardship the devil places in our lives. We should turn to the Lord and his glory and blessings in all things!!

Justabeachkat said...

Great post!

I'm grateful for so many more things than what I can list, but here's just a few:

a loving husband
happy, healthy grandchildren and children
my Mom
my health
my church
dark chocolate ;-)


merirobin said...

thanks! sometimes we need these reminders!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's so powerful! It makes me cringe when situations like that: where 1000's of Christian women come together and allow themselves to lose their witness and become hypocritical in their actions. I know I'm guilty of it too often than not also. Great post!