Monday, July 11, 2011

THE ARTS ARE ALIVE AND WELL........................

Our little town is quite unique. 
To be such a small town...(population approx. 14,000 people), 
the people here really appreciate the arts. 

I appreciate that.

We are in the process of building a Children's Museum. It should be open in 2012.

Also, we have something really fun and interesting coming for three months beginning August 1.
  Three dimensional, life-sized works inspired by masterpieces from the French Impressionist era will be on display at our Arts Council. Last week they put up the first one as a *teaser* of what's to come. It is HUGE....about 20 ft. tall!!!

This sculpture is called

*Two People Dancing*
Inspired by a Renoir painting.
(click above to see painting)

I can't wait to see the others. Proud of our little town for keeping the ARTS alive and well!


momof3 said...

those look super neat. mom would have loved that! i can't wait for the children's museum to open...that will be fun when we visit :)

Tonja said...

We are a town of about 60,000 and we opened a children's museum two years ago, it has been a great success! I think the art you will be displaying will be very interesting. Good luck with the children's museum. The arts are so important. It's a shame to waste those exciting childhood years of exploring and learning.

Such a cute baby boy in that little swing.(next post) I must look for a swing like that for here.

Also love the cute little curtain. Those girls feel so special, don't they. How blessed to have so many to love them.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

That is awesome, Angela. I will have to come over and take a look when they are all put up. Little towns have so much to offer and I always enjoy visiting new places. You will love having a children's museum for your grandchildren to visit. That will be great!!! Love & blessings from NC!