Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Birds

Don't hate me.

I am OVER the birds that have built nests in my ferns.

There. I said it.

It's not that I care that they are in my ferns.

....And that it makes them hard to water for fear of disturbing the nests.


I have to DUCK DOWN every. single. time. I go out my back door.

And yes, I have to use that door.
That mother bird is doing exactly what she is suppose to do.

She swoops down at me to protect her babies.
I would swoop to protect mine too.

But, please mother bird....
EVERY YEAR in my ferns????

True story:

I used an umbrella last week to walk out my door.



Barrett said...

I used to hang 8 ferns on my front porch every year, but stopped because of all of the bird nests. Once I had a nest in every fern at the same time. Right now I have a nest with babies in the wreath on my front door. I had to hang signs on the door reminding people that they were there. Can't wait for them to fly away.

momof3 said...

that is too funny!!! i am just imagining you with your umbrella :). although i can't think of a better house to build a nest at! can't wait for cousin's camp.
love you


Well, hopefully, they will not be there too much longer - as soon as those eggs hatch.

But I will say the umbrella thing is funny! At least it worked, huh?!


carolinagirl said...

I just didn't do hanging plants this year because of the nests...too much work trying to water around babies.

Basement Bags Girl said...

Ssame problem here, plus a nest on the door wreath as well. What a mess! I'm just not much of a nature lover where the birds and nesting is concerned. Thankfully they will be gone soon. Have a great wk!

Tonja said...

They must know it is a safe place, but it would get old after a while. I do not know if there is even a way to prevent it. I suppose they will go where they will go. And, us, mere humans, will bow to their choice of home location. They are so beautiful to watch, aren't they?