Friday, May 14, 2010

My Favorite Word

I love words. Especially the written word.

I find that I use certain words over and over.

But,my favorite word is


When my baby sister was little she ended all her prayers with 

"In Jesus' precious name, Amen."

I taught all my children to pray that way. 

HIS name IS precious.

I know my daughter prays that way. And so does her husband. 

I'm not sure about my boys and their wives.

What is your favorite word?

And WHY?

And while we are on PRECIOUS.......


nanny said...

I'm going to have to think about this one!!!
I love your post and she is definitely very Precious!

Tonja said...

What a 'precious' post!

I think my favorite word is 'grace'. God shows His grace to us daily, and we should follow that example. That's one of the things I taught my ready to show grace and mercy to others who need it. All I would have to say to remind them was 'grace',,,and usually they would do the right thing!

Gram said...

I have to agree with Tonja, my favorite word is grace. I would not want to live a life without God's grace.

But I do agree she is precious!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

That is a precious picture....I love the word Magical.....but I sure love the word peace,love and JOY....

Julie Harward said...

I think you love grands as much as I do! Very precious! Come say hi :D

Amy J said...

I randomly found your blog and wanted to say Hello! My favorite word would have to be the name of "Jesus" There is such comfort, joy, and power in other word like it!

Connie said...

I call her precious too! I think my favorite word is sweet and you seem to be a sweet grandma and friend and have very sweet grandchildren that you love sweetly!!

Love ya, COnnie

Just a little something from Judy said...

This is a great post! I think it is so perfect how you taught your children to pray and how to address the One who loves them the most.

As for this little one...everytime I see her picture...precious and adorable are the words that immediately pop up for me.

I need to think what my favorite word would be, although "undeserving" is the one that keeps coming to me.


I love the word precious, but one of my favs is "Blessings"....I can recall my daddy telling anyone he met "Blessings on you" and I too find myself saying that...our pastor also says "God Bless You"...

We are all so blessed by God!



grammy said...

I think I find out what words I use a lot by hearing the Grands and daycare kids parrot them. One on my daycare babies was called Mercy because the kids heard me say 'Oh Mercy' so much. They thought it was his name (o:
and the baby is precious!!!