Friday, September 25, 2009

Where Are They?

*edited to add: they arrived at 5:00...PM!

So, the carpet was supposed to be installed today in our den.

We have pulled the old carpet up.

The furniture is in my kitchen.

And living room.

And playroom.

They said they would call sometime after 12:00 noon.

It's 3:22 p.m.

No carpet man yet.

To be continued...........


Linda said...

Sooo frustrating isn't it! I hope it all worked out!

Jann2U said...

Thank really aggravates me when that happens. It tests my patience I pray for at night.

We were having cable installed some time back, and the guy would be there between 12 and 1. He drove up about 12:30, backed back out and showed up at 2. He said "My girlfriend called and wanted to meet me for lunch". Grrr!

Tonja said...

Do they all take a course in 'KEEPING THE CUSTOMER WAITING 101'? All over the country it is the just can't depend on them! And, yet...we wait...because what else are we gonna do? Hope they come soon!

Bacardi Mama said...

Oh, don't you just love it?????

Justabeachkat said...

Oh, I can feel the pain in your words! So frustrating! I hope there's a happy ending.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and your visits, even when I'm MIA which has been quite often lately. I can't seem to stay organizied, but that's life is full, right?


k and c's mom said...

I have been there and I am feeling your pain.
Hope they make it soon, or you should turn your bloggy readers on them...

Just a little something from Judy said...

I think everyone reading this, can relate. It still is fresh in my memory when it happened to me. Did they come at 4:00? Hope we get to see the finished product.