Friday, March 13, 2009

What Do You Think About A Person Who Would Do This??

So, yesterday was my birthday. Um, yeh. Anyway, I got a little notice in the mail that the good old mailman tried to deliver a package to my house. I wasn't home, and he couldn't deliver because there was postage due. On a package that I didn't ask for. Postage due. $1.17. Postage due?? I didn't order anything!
So, I sent Hubby to the post Office this morning. He pd. my postage due on a package I didn't order. Did I mention it was $1.17??? Anyhoo, I opened it, and to my surprise, it was a birthday gift....and a cute one at that! Looky:::

I have it on my desk at work. The person who owes me $1.17...I won't mention any names, but she is the mother of my daughter-in-law.


Amanda Pilkinton said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Connie said...

Happy Birthday and what a nice gift! Connie

justabeachkat said...


Hmmmmm...I'm assuming she didn't realize more postage was needed. Cute gift.


Jenny Lynn said...

Ummm....the mother said that the postage actually costs more than the gift! She put 7, yes, SEVEN $0.42 stamps...she thought she was covered :)


Jenny Lynn said...

And, she wants to know what kind of mailman you have up there in the big city? In Shoals the mailman would've left it because he would've known it was your birthday. Heck, he'd probably give you a gift too, be related to you, and paid the $1.17 himself :)

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Ohhh, how nice!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!


smcvicker said...


ilovepink said...

Happy Belated Bday! I just read the post from your DIL about you! How sweet! Everyone shouls have a mother in law/DIL relationship like that!