Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cards!!!

One of my very favorite parts of Christmas is receiving Christ
mas cards!!! I love going to the mailbox and getting *old fashion* mail! Love it!! For years and years I have heard from friends that I don't hear from any other time of the year! It's a special time to keep in touch! This is our card this year:

This is our daughter G and son-in-law A's Christmas card:

Is there a cuter baby girl under the tree??

More cards to follow!!!


Kellie said...

She is just too cute - and i LOVE your Christmas card!

carolinagirl said...

I absolutely adore Christmas cards. I keep the photo cards I receive each year and put them in a photo album! Your card is absolutely FABULOUS! I spend a lot of time each year on ours. I had 4 photo sessions with the boys and then lots of time trying to find a good card to match the photo. I have to say that this years card is not my all time favorite, but I do like it. That will be on a later post!

Amanda Pilkinton said...

Such a cute card. Your grandaughter is adorable!!!

Justabeachkat said...

I love getting Christmas cards too. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. (BTW, I'd love to have your mailing address, so e-mail it to me when you get a chance.) Your granddaughter is absolutely adorable!

Happy New Year!